Suzy Favor-Hamilton Pictures

Suzy Favor-Hamilton, is a 3-time Olympian with a secrete double life as high priced call-girl. The 3-times U.S. Olympian turned-hooker says that she was very surprised when her secret went public! Guess who did her the favor?

According to Radar Online the married former Olympics running champ lived a secret life as a high-priced Las Vegas escort. Suzy Favor-Hamilton, the 44-year old mother of three, charged an average of $600 per hour as a classy call-girl doing sexual favors in major cities including Las Vegas, Chicago, and Huston. Hamilton advertised as Kelly Lundy on Haley Heston’s Private Collection website with full list of per hour price-list and her availability schedule.

According to Batty For Nudity blog post, Hamilton says her husband knew about her double life and he tried many times to get her to stop. She claims that she really started to enjoy her fantasy-like secrete life after the first couple of dates.

Who gave her real identity away? According to the blog post, apparently it was one of her trustworthy customers who contacted the after she revealed her real identity. In a tweet Hamilton said that she never thought she would be exposed.

As it seems, it takes only one unsatisfied customer in that business to make your real life a fantasy!

You can see a few of the leaked Suzy Favor-Hamilton pictures at

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