Shagged By Rare Parrot During Research [VIDEO]

Shagged By Rare Parrot During ResearchThis documentary video is getting huge amounts of hits on the YouTube.  The video shows a zoologist literally getting shagged by rare parrot while researching the bird.  I suppose you would also try to hump anything moving crossing your path when it hits your senses that you are pretty much the last of your species! You should see the look of relief on that poor bird’s face after he got done with the business.

What attracted the green rare parrot to the zoologist is a mystery.  However, the two did share some thing in common – the color green!  In this video two researches are present during the documentary, but the parrot picked only on one.  The lucky zoologist had a green shirt on; maybe that was the sex appeal!?

The ordeal left the zoologist scratched and bloody all over his neck – talk about rough sex! Just pay attention to how happy the bird looks while he is taking care of the business!  Probably getting shagged by rare parrot during research is a part of the deal when you sign up for the job.

Shagged By Rare Parrot During Research [VIDEO]

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