Set Of Master Key To The City Of New York Sold On Ebay

Set Of Master Key To The City Of New York Sold On Ebay

Daniel Ferraris

This one is truly a terrorists’ dreams-come-true sort of news! A New Jersey former locksmith sold New York City’s master key set on EBay for $149. What can you do with those keys? Open doors – many important doors – doors to many sensitive places across the New York City!!

According to New York post and other news sources, Daniel Ferraris, a 69-year-old former locksmith from New Jersey auctioned off a set of keys on EBay. The description on his EBay auction page according to NYP read; “OBSOLETE FDNY FIREFIGHTER’S KEY RING – NEW YORK FIRE DEPARTMENT SET OF FIVE KEYS.” The set of keys sold for $149. The buyer, who was an undercover reporter from the Post, picked up the keys from Ferraris at his Union City home in New York.

Apparently the keys worked doing what were meant for! At least one of the five keys allowed access to locked doors in the World Trade Center construction site.

New York Post reports that out of the five keys, three are standard issue for New York Fire Department members. The set also included an all-purpose “1620,” master firefighter key that can be used in skyscrapers to send all elevators down to the lobby and make them out of service. This key works in many buildings all over New York City. The same key also gives entry access to many firehouses across the city, and can open locked subway entrances.

There were also these other two keys that allow access to street lamps, and also circuit-breaker boxes in the basement of almost all big buildings! These keys supposedly belong to official city electricians, and department of transportation.

Former Locksmith Sold New York City Master Key Set On Ebay

NYC Master Key Set – image New York Post

According to NYP and ABC news, New York City officials are outraged since if these keys end up in wrong hands that would mean nothing less than disaster.

How did Daniel Ferraris end up with the keys? ABC news reports that Ferraris claims that he bought the keys from other people. According to ABC news, he said that “I get them from different places. I was a locksmith for many years, and I go to shows and get some from collectors.”

Apparently Ferraris has other keysets for sale, but according to ABC news he has decided not sell anymore because of the potential trouble that he might be in. News sources say that FDNY and other New York’s official agencies are investigating the matter.

Now what happens if the terrorists make Ferraris a very juicy offer especially that they now know who he is and what he might have! Time to buckle-up folks.

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