Russian Meteor 2013 [VIDEO]

According to NASA the Russian meteor 2013 was the largest object that hit our planet in more than a century.  Earth gets hit with small meteorites often which most of those objects burn out somewhere in the atmosphere.  But it comes to bigger pieces, Russia seems to be a magnet for the huge ones!

NASA says that the huge 55 feet-in-diameter rock weighed approximately 10,000 tons; 1000 times bigger than the original estimate!  The rock exploded over the town of Chelyabinsk with such force that caused damage to many buildings and injured close to 1,200.  The amount of energy cause by the explosion, according to the data gathered from global sensors, was nearly 500 kilotons.  That energy translates to approximately 30 atomic bombs that destroyed Hiroshima!

According to scientists, the rock entering our atmosphere at an amazing speed of 30 km/s (nearly 67,000 miles per hour!!) encountered air resistance and eventually exploded in mid air before reaching ground.  The wave produced by the explosion and the resulting meteor shower of exploded fragments was what caused damage and injuries on the ground.  According to Chelyabinsk administration’s website, the meteor shower caused damaged to nearly 3,000 buildings, 361 schools and kindegardens, and 34 medical facilities.  The site also reports the meteor shower and the wave cased by the explosion produced nearly 100,000 square meters of shattered glass!

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Russia also was the scene for another very similar meteor encounter in 1908.  An area of roughly 1,242 square feet was badly damaged in Tunguska, Syberia when a meteor explosion released force equivalent to 50 megatons of TNT.  The energy was so strong that it leveled some 80 million trees!  Scientists believe if that meteorite would have entered earth 4 hours later, due to the change to it’s angle of trajectory because of earth’s rotation, it could have badly damaged St. Petersburg and completely wipe out the city of Vyborg!

If you remember February 15th, 2013 was also the day that another meteorite was supposed to pass in an uncomfortable distance from Earth.  According to NASA the the 2012 DA14 meteor flyby had no connection to the Russian meteor 2013.  The 2012 DA14 which measures some where in between 147 to 311 feet in diameter, passed earth at a distance of roughly 17,000 miles.   It just seems too much of a coencidence for one meteor to flyby and another to hit on the same day!!


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