Rapper Danny Brown’s Onstage Oral Sex Controversy [PHOTO]

Danny Brown Onstage Oral Sex Talk about an interactive event. The word on the web is that the well known Detroit rapper, Danny Brown, was giving a performance while he was receiving one! Rapper Danny Brown’s onstage oral sex controversy is quickly turning to the kind of attention that Brown probably doesn’t really care for. Or, maybe he does!!.

Alternative rapper Danny Brown is used to performing for crowded clubs, like his sold-out Minneapolis show on Friday (April 26), but he’s answering to a much larger audience in the wake the allegedly X-rated performance.

Music fans have taken to social media, demanding answers from the rapper and posting personal accounts of the concert, where the rapper reportedly engaged in oral sex with a fan in the front of the crowd.

It all started with word of mouth, and now there is a photo making rounds on the web that depicts a woman’s face closer than what it should be to Brown’s crotch! Allegedly Danny Brown even bragged about the one of the kind experience on Twitter.

Here is the photo – you be the judge of what could have been going on there.

Danny Brown Blow-Job

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