‘Killing Jews Is Worship’ Ad On San Francisco Muni Bus System

‘Killing Jews Is Worship’ Ad On San Francisco Muni Bus System

Controversial ‘Killing Jews Is Worship’ ad on San Francisco muni bus system is creating all sorts of talk from all kinds of different directions. The ads are quotes from various terrorist groups, but the creators of the ad campaign insist that their … [Continue reading]

Rattlesnake Roundup Event Does Away With 5000 lbs Of Snakes

Rattlesnake Roundup

Rattlesnake roundup event? Is there actually an event called that? As it appears there is and it has been happening in Sweetwater Texas for quiet some time. This is one of the most interesting current events that involves rounding up some 5,000 … [Continue reading]

Dennis Rodman North Korea Visit [VIDEO]

Dennis Rodman North Korea Visit

What is the latest interesting current event? Aside from everything else, Dennis Rodman North Korea visit was one that raised lots of eyebrows. The agenda behind former basketball champ's visit to North Korea is still very much in question, and … [Continue reading]

Pope Leaves The Vatican

pope leaves the vatican

Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation to the world in late February. He stepped down at 8:00 pm in Vatican Rome, on February 28th, 2013. Catholics from around the world have their eyes on Rome for a new pontiff as the old Pope leaves the … [Continue reading]

Drones In America

drones in america

President Obama has signed into law a legislation permitting various local and government agencies to operate drones in America. The legislation allows the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to open U.S skies to spy drones. According to news … [Continue reading]

Russian Meteor 2013 [VIDEO]

Russian Meteor 2013

According to NASA the Russian meteor 2013 was the largest object that hit our planet in more than a century.  Earth gets hit with small meteorites often which most of those objects burn out somewhere in the atmosphere.  But it comes to bigger pieces, … [Continue reading]

North Korean Dream Video Shows New York Getting Destroyed By Nuke [VIDEO]

North Korean dream video

Bizarre North Korean video shows destruction of New York city in a nuclear holocaust. Taking insanity to a whole new level! … [Continue reading]