North Korean Dream Video Shows New York Getting Destroyed By Nuke [VIDEO]

Bizarre North Korean video shows destruction of New York city in a nuclear holocaust. Taking insanity to a whole new level!

A video released to YouTube by North Korea’s state media shows a north Korean kid dreaming of the New York city getting nuked. This crazy video surfaced a few days ago just before North Korea’s next nuclear missile tests. The video shows a space shuttle-looking craft circling the earth, and nuke warheads rushing towards the United States. The half-computer-generated animation shows the nuke impacting New York causing total destruction. Apparently this whole thing is happing in a kid’s dream?!

Here is a thought; North Koreans may be running out of cash, so why no put a video on the YouTube to probably make a few million bucks from the ads to fund the nuke project!! Kind’a like the way South Korean PSY made out with good chunck of money. Except that the North Korean dream video is not exactly entertainment material!

The true source of the video is not unknown – North Korea’s intentions may be stuck in a dream for a good while!

World peace everyone.


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