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drones in americaPresident Obama has signed into law a legislation permitting various local and government agencies to operate drones in America. The legislation allows the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to open U.S skies to spy drones. According to news sources the first batch of the civilian surveillance drones are due to hit our skies 88 days from February 28th, 2013.

Daily Times reports that the first publicly known use of spy drones in U.S. is to begin 88 days from February 28th, 2013. These drones are to be used by law enforcement agencies such as police for the purpose of surveillance in all kind of different situations. As reports have it, drones in America will not be armed with deadly weapons; at least not for now that is.

According to reports drones used domestically are not of the same type as the Military grade spy crafts used overseas in places like Afghanistan. Drones are made by different manufacturers and they come in all kinds of shapes, size and forms. According to the same report from the Daily Times, police will initially be allowed to fly small crafts weighing about 4.4Lbs. These drones are said to be equip with wireless cameras, recording devices, and other high-tech spying tools of trade.  Reports claim that all drones will be allowed by September 30th, 2015.

According to news sources Police agencies are much in favor of using unmanned drones because these crafts cost less, are cheaper to operate, and can stay in the air for longer periods. Police can use drones to fight crime and monitor riots and protests from several thousand feet in the sky. They can also use these drones to inspect inside large buildings, and do remote unmanned surveillance. Although initially drones are said to be unarmed, there are rumors that police drones may get equipped with crowed control weapons like tear gas and such.

Before the legislation was signed into law, use of drones were restricted due to potential aviation dangers. Spy drones sharing space with civilian airplanes in already crowded skies is a major concern. Some also suggest the possibility of remote assassinations within U.S. soil by government agencies since they are now equip with the means. Also the controversial topic of invasion of citizens’ privacy is another overwhelming concern. Imagine having a conversation at your kitchen table or in a restaurant while you are being watched and recorded from several thousand feet above!

Smaller hobby drones have been made available to hobbyists during the recent years. They can be purchased for a few hundred dollars depending on the features, and some can even be controlled via smart mobile devices such as iPhones.

Thinking of drones in America, it’s very comforting to know that now we can sit down for a friendly or intimate conversation while the big brother literally watching our backs and listening from way way above in the skies! But then as we all know, there are always two sides to a coin…. – Stay tuned.



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