Dennis Rodman North Korea Visit [VIDEO]

Dennis Rodman North Korea VisitWhat is the latest interesting current event? Aside from everything else, Dennis Rodman North Korea visit was one that raised lots of eyebrows. The agenda behind former basketball champ’s visit to North Korea is still very much in question, and plagued with controversy.

Former Chicago Bulls champion, Dennis Rodman, cozying up to the North Korean dictator is not settling very well with many in U.S.  Based on a report from Chicago Sun-Times, a source close to the ‘Worm’ said that Rodman seems very clueless as to how foolish the whole thing looks.

In his recent interviews with the media Dennis Rodman considered himself a good friend of Kim Jong Un. During a recent appearance on the ABC Sunday with George Stephanopoulos, Rodman mentioned that the North Korean dictator is now a good friend of his and how they share the love for the game. During the interview Rodman mentioned that Kim Jong Un loves basketball and so does U.S. and that could count for something! It seems as though Rodman was trying to find common grounds towards peace. But not many people are buying into that act, thinking Rodman is just trying to justify his visit. According to the same report from Chicago Sun-Times, the source close to Rodman also said that “fortunately, Dennis’ team finally realized what a monster this had become and canceled his other appearances.”

Rodman’s controversial visit to North Korea and his complementary remarks about Kim Jong Un has made many feel uneasy. According to news sources, Rodman being able to get that close to the North Korean leader when even diplomats failed at the attempt was nothing short of amazing! According to Stephanopoulos, of all qualified people, Dennis Rodman was the first American to meet Kim Jong Un.

What do you know; may be Dennis Rodman North Korea visit can bring world peace! After all, they do say that everyone has purpose in life.  However, in Rodman’s case is kinda’ hard to tell what the purpose really is. Enjoy the video!

Dennis Rodman North Korea Visit – ABC Sunday

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