Jodi Arias Case [PICS]

Jodi Arias CaseThe Jodi Arias trial span over nearly five months of hardcore prosecution and pinpointed questioning. Jodi Arias case finally came to some closure with a very much-anticipated verdict.


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Horrific Afghanistan Plane Crash [VIDEO]

Plane Crash In Bagram AfghanistanThis is a plane crash footage like you have never seen before.  This horrific Afghanistan plane crash video was released on the YouTube today.  It shows the huge cargo plane stalling in mid-air and then just falls off of sky diving down causing a huge explosion as it hits the ground! 7 U.S. citizens dead. [Read more...]

Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion [VIDEO]

Texas firtilizer plant explosionThis video of the Texas fertilizer plant explosion is gaining popularity on YouTube in light-speed.  The video starts with showing the plant on fire from a distance, and then comes the horrific surprise!!!  Hopefully the people who shot this video are OK. [Read more...]

Boston Marathon Finish Line Explosions

Boston Marathon ExplosionsToday there were 2 explosions near Boston Marathon finish line. Some bystanders suffered sever injuries. Could this be the work of domestic or foreign terrorism? Or just a horrific accident! [Read more...]

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Suzy Favor-Hamilton Pictures

Suzy Favor-Hamilton, is a 3-time Olympian with a secrete double life as high priced call-girl. The 3-times U.S. Olympian turned-hooker says that she was very surprised when her secret went public! Guess who did her the favor? [Read more...]

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