Rapper Danny Brown’s Onstage Oral Sex Controversy [PHOTO]

Danny Brown Onstage Oral Sex Talk about an interactive event. The word on the web is that the well known Detroit rapper, Danny Brown, was giving a performance while he was receiving one! Rapper Danny Brown’s onstage oral sex controversy is quickly turning to the kind of attention that Brown probably doesn’t really care for. Or, maybe he does!!. [Read more…]

Lingerie For Men!

Lingerie for menThis topic doesn’t qualify as an event but it for sure has the potential to trigger whole series of events! Now men can perhaps shop the Victoria’s Secrete catalog for a fine silky lingerie for that special occasion. But wait – that’s nothing new! Ok… how about this – Introducing Lingerie for men! [Read more…]

Dennis Rodman North Korea Visit [VIDEO]

Dennis Rodman North Korea VisitWhat is the latest interesting current event? Aside from everything else, Dennis Rodman North Korea visit was one that raised lots of eyebrows. The agenda behind former basketball champ’s visit to North Korea is still very much in question, and plagued with controversy. [Read more…]

Suzy Favor-Hamilton Pictures

Suzy Favor-Hamilton, is a 3-time Olympian with a secrete double life as high priced call-girl. The 3-times U.S. Olympian turned-hooker says that she was very surprised when her secret went public! Guess who did her the favor? [Read more…]

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