Horrific Afghanistan Plane Crash [VIDEO]

Plane Crash In Bagram AfghanistanThis is a plane crash footage like you have never seen before.  This horrific Afghanistan plane crash video was released on the YouTube today.  It shows the huge cargo plane stalling in mid-air and then just falls off of sky diving down causing a huge explosion as it hits the ground! 7 U.S. citizens dead. [Read more…]

Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion [VIDEO]

Texas firtilizer plant explosionThis video of the Texas fertilizer plant explosion is gaining popularity on YouTube in light-speed.  The video starts with showing the plant on fire from a distance, and then comes the horrific surprise!!!  Hopefully the people who shot this video are OK. [Read more…]

Nose Picking On National TV During NBA Game [VIDEO]

Nose Picking On National TV During NBA Game [VIDEO]This one is a very daring attempt at nose picking on national TV! The nose picker appears to be a middle aged distinguished looking gentleman who just happened to be at the right spot at the right time.  The man vigorously picked his nose during the NBA close up telecast and then turned and winked at the camera.  Must watch to appreciate! [Read more…]

Shagged By Rare Parrot During Research [VIDEO]

Shagged By Rare Parrot During ResearchThis documentary video is getting huge amounts of hits on the YouTube.  The video shows a zoologist literally getting shagged by rare parrot while researching the bird.  I suppose you would also try to hump anything moving crossing your path when it hits your senses that you are pretty much the last of your species! You should see the look of relief on that poor bird’s face after he got done with the business. [Read more…]