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Drones In America

drones in americaPresident Obama has signed into law a legislation permitting various local and government agencies to operate drones in America. The legislation allows the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to open U.S skies to spy drones. According to news sources the first batch of the civilian surveillance drones are due to hit our skies 88 days from February 28th, 2013. [Read more…]

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Russian Meteor 2013 [VIDEO]

According to NASA the Russian meteor 2013 was the largest object that hit our planet in more than a century.  Earth gets hit with small meteorites often which most of those objects burn out somewhere in the atmosphere.  But it comes to bigger pieces, Russia seems to be a magnet for the huge ones! [Read more…]

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North Korean Dream Video Shows New York Getting Destroyed By Nuke [VIDEO]

Bizarre North Korean video shows destruction of New York city in a nuclear holocaust. Taking insanity to a whole new level! [Read more…]